Welfare must be reined in (Kevin Andrews says)

THE nation’s welfare system is “unsustainable” and large, urgent changes must be made to the disability pension and the general unemployment benefit, Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews has warned. A 10-year report by the Department of Human Services shows that more than five million Australians received an income support payment in June 2012 – more than one in five Australians – with Disability Support Pension recipients hitting 827,000, while 550,000 people were on Newstart Allowance. from The Australian front page 21/01/14

But he doesn’t mean the kind of welfare that pollies such as George Brandis and Alex Somlyay and all the rest from Mr Rabbit to the lowest weasel benefit from.  And all the super rich miners, developers and other scumbags.  No, Mr Andrews means all the people who have suffered injuries at work or in some other way become disabled.

Make them all go back to work.  How exactly?  At what?  When the situation is so dire even for workers without disabilities.

From Online Opinion – http://www.onlineopinion.com.au/

Lost jobs and lost workers – the debate we have to have                       Date: Friday, January 17, 2014                       Author: Henry Thornton

‘Growth in jobs worst for 20 years’ screams the front page of the Australian.  Good to see this important national newspaper has discovered the systematic loss of jobs, especially full-time jobs, and the largely ofsetting loss of workers.  It is only a sharply declining participation rate that is keeping the officially measured rate of unemployment to a modest 5.8 %.

As the graph below shows, the more realistic measure of unemployment by Roy Morgan Research shows unemployment is already at 11 % and climbing. Allowing for underemployment, the total of under- and un-employed is more than 22% of the workforce. Here is a good discussion of the facts, from the Macrobusiness site.

Roy Morgan today reported a substantial fall in business confidence….EXTRACT only


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