Australia Day – I’m not proud – sorry!

I feel sick at the thought of all the crap about mateship and fair go and other ridiculous bull being spread around in anticipation of this day..which should be AUSpiscious but provides me with no hope or consolation. There are many wonderful things and people in this country but we seem to be doing our best to destroy them.  Sorry to be a grumpy old vermin but here’s a few of the vomitous vilenesses we are allowing even if not condoning. 

Asylum seeker ‘policy’ – how can we be so cruel and heartless and outright stupid?  What are we doing – not only to the asylum-seekers but to the Australian personnel who have to carry out the evil orders?

Bullying and violence – Most media (and pollies) are so hypocritical.  Because (and it’s very sad and I feel very bad for the boys and their families) some young men are bashed when (to quote from 7.30 Report via Crikey) LEIGH SALES: … in the past 13 years, 90 people across Australia have died in these one-punch assaults. Last year in New South Wales alone, 32 women were killed in domestic violence situations, many involving alcohol. The Police media unit says police in New South Wales respond to about 370 domestic violence incidents a day. Given that random violence is so much less of a threat to people than domestic violence, why is the government’s priority not on domestic violence?”

And bullying – the Tele is on about it today (as media often is) in schools and young people.  How is anyone going to find a good role model when Mr Rabbit and his bullies behave so aggressively towards so many including Parliament/asylum seekers/people on the disability pension, where children and other victims of DV are further abused by Family Law and child protection systems?  Where workplace bullying is rife in public, private and community sector?

The environment – what environment?  Greg (aptly named) Hunt and other Ministers in NSW, Queensland etc are hellbent on destroying the Great Barrier Reef, the Tasmanian World Heritage forests, etc etc and allowing shooting and other detrimental activities in national parks.

Time for the Real Australians (who I imagine would be generous, kind, brave, creative, loving and…) to stand up!


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