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Information is a non-event under current Australian governments

This wonderful man and the organisation he heads are being wiped out by the Revolting Rabbit plague of mass destruction of everything that is good for democracy, openness and accountability. Whitlam would have wept – and probably did because he’d have known months ago what I only found out today. It was a big breakthrough when the Information commissioner position was created. And now it’s gone and any hope of transparency under this government with it – along with journo’s ability to reveal the truth and our ability as individuals to lead lives free of surveillance and secret shafting.


Concerns of the day.. well some of them

Some of a mongrel’s musings:

Whitlam wonder ceased.  Very sad day for Australia      Re Whitlam to Labor website 211014

You were the most amazing original brave innovative creature Australia has ever produced. You did so much for us ornery Orstrilians – Medicare admin law Aboriginal rights women kids students workers people who were n’t white Trade Prax – sorry there’s MUCH more but I can’t recall it all.  Only that it was wonderful and hopefully set an example for some future fabulous beast to rise up and renew this eviscerated etiolated entity that this country has become.

To the ABC general comments  021014

For us the ABC is what makes Australia great – informative INCLUSIVE ENTERTAINING THOUGHT PROVoKING (whoops sorry about caps!) but still the ABC IS a CAPITAL corporation. Keeps us in touch with people around the world and our fellow creatures great and small and the natural environment and music and science and ideas ideas ideas!!  if only there was more we could do or say to prevent the horrible cuts and obliterate ‘orrible non-representative board members.

Re divestment of fossil fuel investments   to Professor Ian Youg of ANU  Dear Vice Chancellor Ian Young, You are very courageous (as Yes Monster used to say..) in doing this because undoubtedly the vengeful varmints (and gummints) who don’t support environmental responsibility will seek to undermine you (as it were). CGS is a big issue up here on mid North coast of NSW as is unemployment worsened by renewables going out of business – or being discouraged from starting up.

– this fund doesn’t fund fossil fuel either    011014 to Myfuturesuper   sorry I am a nearly 72 yo fossil so don’t have any super or any prospects of such. However I’d still like to say:  Congrats on your stand about giving up fossil fuel in favour of renewables!  I am one  of a very small group of Greens in Myall Lakes electorate who are trying to put on a forum about renewables on 16 November 2014 at Forster from 2-4 pm.   MLC NSW John Kaye is scheduled to speak and we are looking for others who know/care about renewables and who might like to put their points of view.   Would any of your members like to join us – to speak or just to listen?!

Mongriella must keep on mongrelising!

I just re-realised that in order to make my mouthing accessible I should really try and keep this blog going cos then I can link it thro twtizo and facebag and lunkdout and also email if people don’t have those proclivities. Why does it matter that any of us say anything with the world going to hell in a Rabbithutch?? Only cos it makes us feel that we’ve at least tried to put other views out there – no matter how muffled. Can I work this blog?? hmmm that’s another issue…tbc