The great unpublished

What makes a person like me who really has nothing to say (and if it does can’t say it) want to take  to the e-waves with yet more unpublishable stuff?  It must be sheer nastycissism and egocentricity of the scrambled soul.  But I figured that instead of beating my vestigial brain cell against censorious gatekeepers like Ben (or in my case, Bin) Willing letters Ed. of the SMH, I might as well relieve the pressure of verbal venting with (yet another) blog.

Doesn’t matter if nobody reads this one.  It’s really only for me when I’m beside myself about various issues such as asylum seekers and environmental vandals and other fiendish government psychopathics.  Otherwise poor Steve and the dogs will bear the outfall…

No enlightment will be shed in the course of these raves so don’t expect it dear alter egoist!

As you can see from the pic,  I’m just hanging about minding other people’s biz and hoping to fall from the bough when fully matured.